Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact (VarSITI) is an international program sponsored by SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics)

VarSITI is organized by the four Projects

Solar Evolution and Extrema (SEE)


International Study of Earth-Affecting Solar Transients (ISEST)/MiniMax24


Specification and Prediction of the Coupled Inner-Magnetospheric Environment (SPeCIMEN)


Role Of the Sun and the Middle atmosphere/thermosphere/ionosphere In Climate (ROSMIC)


Conference and Workshop

VarSITI Session in JpGU2014 (session ID: P-EM09)

VarSITI Session in AOGS2014 (session ID: ST26)

VarSITI Session in JpGU2015 (session ID: P-EM07)

VarSITI Session in AOGS2015 (session ID: ST24)


VarSITI Pamphlet

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.1

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.2

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.3

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.4

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.5

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.6

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.7

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.8

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.9

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.10

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.11

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.12

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.13

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.14

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.15

VarSITI Newsletter Vol.16

Information of SCOSTEP

Information of Japanese SCOSTEP Committee, Science Council of Japan (in Japanese)

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VarSITI Homepage

SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics)

International CAWSES-II Wiki page

International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI)ISWI - Japan

Science Council of Japan

Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University

CAWSES-II : Towards Solar Maximum, 2009 - 2013 in Japan


The web page is prepared to introduce Japanese activities related to the International VarSITI Program.