Guide to Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory Library

1. Opening Days and Hours

Monday to Thursday,9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00

2. Closing Days

Friday to Sunday, national holidays (including substitute holidays), the year-end and
new-year holidays (Dec. 28 through Jan. 4), Nagoya University summer closing

3. Admission

●Access to the Library is available to everyone.

●Nagoya University users: Please present your Nagoya University student or faculty ID at the front desk.

●Non-Nagoya University users: Please write your name, address, and telephone number in the users’ list at the front desk (Note 1). You may be asked not to use the Library if you do not write in the list.

●Please observe the following rules in the reading room.

3. Circulation

●As a rule, we request you to use the checked-out material inside the Laboratory.

●Nagoya University users: You may check out Library materials either by visiting the Library or through the Interlibrary Loan system. You may check out materials at the Library and use them outside the Laboratory premises by providing the required information in the Nagoya University Users’ Circulation Record (Note 1) in addition to the usual procedure prescribed below.

●Non-Nagoya University users: While you cannot visit the Library to check out Library materials, you can check them out at university libraries in Japan and libraries affiliated with Tokai Chiku Toshokan Kyogikai (Tokai Library Association) through the Interlibrary Loan system.

●Check out procedure: Fill in the necessary information on the Library card at the back cover of the material, and put the card in the box provided. Put a shelf dummy where the material was found.

4. Photocopying and Printing

●Making one set of copy of a Library material per person for individual study and research purposes is permitted within the limits specified by the Copyright Law (Article 31).

●For non-Nagoya University users, printing University-carried electronic journals are limited to materials permitted to be distributed in the form of paper prints

● Cost for one black and white photocopy of a book or journal or one print of an e-journal is 12 yen (at university expense), 20 yen (at private expense), or 35 yen (for external users).

●Payments for photocopies can be made both at university or private expense. For non-Nagoya University users, however, payments at university expense are limited to photocopies and prints through Interlibrary Loan service. For a detailed procedure of university expense payments for such users, contact the service desk at your affiliated library. External users who visit the Library and make photocopies or prints should pay at private expense.

●Photocopies and prints of e-journals must be made on paper and not on electronic medium.

●University and non-university users not associated with the Laboratory may apply for photocopies and prints on our website through the Interlibrary Loan system.
(Web Use Application Form with the necessary information must be submitted to register in advance (Note 1).)

●When you visit the Library to make photocopies or prints at private expense, please fill in the application form at the Library service desk (Note 1) to receive a copy card. After you finish, write the number of copies you have made in the application form, and go to the Accounting Division at the Laboratory Administrative Office on the second floor to pay for the photocopies in cash. The procedure also applies to private-expense printouts of e-journals.

(Note 1) The information which the Library has acquired through the application procedures will be managed carefully and will be accessed only for the purpose of office use.
Contact (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory Library)
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