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Division IV

Division IV: Integrated Studies

The Earth’s neutral atmosphere, as well as plasmas in the ionosphere and the magnetosphere comprise geospace, and are affected in many complex ways by solar activity. In order to reach a quantitative understanding of the global behavior of the solar-terrestrial system, it is essential to treat the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere-neutral atmosphere system in its entirely.

The physical processes occurring throughout geospace are intrinsically nonlinear, characteristic of a basically unstable system. In an effort to understand this fundamental property of the overall solar-terrestrial system, the research carried out in the Integrated Studies Division adopts the following two major approaches:

(1) Interactive studies to integrate and facilitate comprehension of the vast array of complex, multi-faceted observations made at various times at different locations in the geospace environment. “Interactive” here implies interrelationships in many respects, such as those between observations and theories, and between ground and spacecraft-based observations.

(2) Computer simulations and modeling which demonstrate how one can reproduce and predict the important characteristic behavior of geospace established from observations.

Integrated Studies

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