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Division III

Division III: Heliospheric Environment

Ground-based observations and satellite data as well as computer simulations are being used to reveal physical processes relating to the effect of solar activity on the heliosphere within the context of the earth’s environment. Our primary interest is in the physical processes operating at the sun, in interplanetary space, and at the heliospheric boundary. The paleoenvironment of the heliosphere is also the subject of our research. This work entails investigating changes in past solar activity by measuring the concentration of radiocarbon in tree ring samples.

The main aim of the Division of the Heliospheric Environment is to learn more about the physical laws that govern interplanetary space, and in particular, to study effects associated with solar activity over short and long time scales. We are studying solar flares in which high energy particles are emitted from the solar surface. We hope to understand further the mechanisms by which particles are released and accelerated to high energies during these events, and also the propagation of these particles to the Earth and their subsequent effort on our environment.

The major subjects of our ground-based observations include cosmic rays, neutrons from solar flares, and the solar wind velocity. In particular, the interplanetary scintillation method is one of the few by which the dynamics of the solar wind in three dimensions can by deduced.

Heliospheric Environment (Cosmic-Ray Group)

Heliospheric Environment (Solar Wind Group)

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