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Division II

Division II: Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Environment

The regions surrounding Earth, from the upper layers of the atmosphere to the boundary of the geomagnetic field beyond which the solar wind flows, are studied by research teams in Division 2. We investigate the flow of particles and mass transport, energy balance, electrodynamical processes and last, but not least, the famous aurora.

Our experimental activity includes both ground-based observations and measurements made from rockets and satellites. Optical instruments, radars, magnetometers and particle detectors are used to provide information on such important physical parameters as temperature, wind velocity, convection, chemical composition, electric current flow and variations in all the aforementioned quantities. Most instruments are operated in collaboration with scientific institutions both inside and outside Japan. Together with our observation, we use models to identify the physical processes involved in the interactions between the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. Our data sets serve as input to sophisticated predictive simulations carried out in Division 2 and at other institutions.

Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Environment

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