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Solar radiation not only heats the Earthfs atmosphere, but also derives photochemical processes in the atmosphere which play essential roles in controlling the atmpsheric environment.  Chemical compounds released from the surface by natural and anthoropogenic processes change their chemical and physical forms through the photochemical reactions.  In recent years, human beings are facing global atmospheric changes such as stratospheric ozone depletion, global warming and increases in the concentration of tropospheric oxidants.  These changes forced by human activities are mediated through the photochemical evolution of the atmosphere as well as the transport of atmospheric species.  It is important to elucidate mechanisms which cause global atmospheric changes.  The major goal of the Division of Atmospheric Environment is to understand the physical and chemical processes closely linked to the atmospheric chenges through observation and laboratory studies o reactive gases and aerosols.  Very new techniques of high-sensitive laser spectroscopy and submilli-meter observation are applied to those studies.



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