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3D MHD simulation of solar wind on the basis of solar magnetic field observation


The solar wind emanates from the open coronal magnetic field of the Sun and varies acoording to the solar magnetic field variation. We developed an MHD modeling system of solar wind in the inner heliosphere on the basis of minimal input, namely, time series of daily synoptic observation of the photospheric magnetic field.

This figure is a 3D view of magnetic sector boundary (white surface) across which the direction of interplanetary magnetic field becomes oppsite, and solar wind distribution on the ecliptic plane (colors) on October 26, 2008. Interplanetary magnetic field directs toward the Sun above the sector boundary and away from the Sun below the sector boundary. Each color sphere (pink, yellowm blue, an red) display the positions of planet (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), respectively. Each assosiated colored tube is its orbit.

The MHD simulation is performed every day to forecast the future solar wind profiles for two weeks at planet positions in the inner heliosphere. The profile at the Earth position is passed to a radiation belt model for forecasting of radiation belt electron flux. The daily forecast is released at a test web page

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