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Division I

Division I: Atmospheric Environment

The composition of the earth’s atmosphere has seen enormous changes since its formation. These changes took place through the interactions between the atmosphere and the biosphere over geological time scales. However, man has begun to disturb the composition of our atmosphere rather quickly since the Industrial Revolution.

Chemical changes in the global atmosphere pose one of the major environmental problems that mankind currently faces, and it is important to understand the effect of anthropogenic activities on our atmosphere. In addition, it is becoming more and more important to accurately predict future changes in out atmosphere. The major goal of the Division of Atmospheric Environment is to understand, through observations of reactive gases and aerosols, the physical and chemical processes closely linked to atmospheric changes.

Aircraft and balloons, which are well suited for precise investigations of chemical processes, are utilized for in situ measurements in the troposphere and stratosphere. Ground-based measurements are also made on a more regular basis using lidars for remote sensing and employing spectroscopic techniques to investigate seasonal and long-term variations. Development of new instruments to carry out new and precise atmospheric observations is also an important task of this Division.

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