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The symposium will be held at the Nagoya University Symposion Hall and Toyoda Auditorium on the main (Higashiyama) campus of Nagoya University, which is located at the east part of the city. The Toyoda Auditorium was built and donated by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. to facilitate the development of education and research, and promote the academic culture of Nagoya University. The Toyoda Auditorium and the Symposion Hall are located within a few-minute walking distance from Entrance 2 of the Nagoya Daigaku (Nagoya University) station of the Nagoya City subway.

Nagoya is the Capital of Aichi Prefecture, and is located in the Tokai area, which is geographically the central part of Japan. With a population of about two million people, Nagoya is Japan's fourth most populated city. To get to Nagoya from overseas, you can fly to either Tokyo, Osaka, or directly to Nagoya, which are the main routes. To get to Nagoya area within Japan, using JR trains from the major cities or airports will be the most convenient. To get to Nagoya University in Nagoya area, use subway trains.

The registration and ice breaker on Nov.17 (Sun) and the banquet on Nov.20 (Wed) are held at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel. The hotel is located within six-minute walking distance from Entrance 12 or 13 of the Sakae station of the Nagoya City subway.

Average temperatures in November in Nagoya range from a high of 20 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) to a low of 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit). Weather conditions in November are rather chilly but sometimes pleasant.

From Central Japan International Airport (Centrair: NGO) to Nagoya

- 30min by Nagoya Railway (Meitetsu) Limited Express

From Tokyo to Nagoya

- 100min by JR Shinkansen (Nozomi Super Express)

From Nagoya Station to Nagoya Univeristy

- 25-35min by Nagoya City Subway (transfer at Motoyama station from Higashiyama Line to Meijo Line)