TG4. What is the geospace response to variable inputs from the lower atmosphere?

Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System -II (CAWSES-II)

A variety of new evidence suggests that tropospheric weather is an important ingredient in space weather. Equatorial ionospheric densities are modulated by atmospheric waves driven by persistent tropical rainstorms. The figure (right) shows enhanced airglow from these regions of elevated density. Radio waves generated by lightning strokes in the rainstorms interact with radiation belt particles to clear a "safe" zone between the inner and outer belts in the magnetosphere. Gravity waves generated by hurricanes and typhoons may seed plasma bubbles in the low latitude ionosphere. The extent to which the effects of this quiescent atmospheric variability are transmitted to the magnetosphere is yet to be resolved.

 Jens Oberheide and Kazuo Shiokawa


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