Escience and informatics (Virtual Institute)

Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System -II (CAWSES-II)

Based on a successful pilot study that utilized cyber infrastructure to organize and conduct science, CAWSES-II will create an International Virtual Institute. This institute will be organized around the principles that progress in system-level investigations requires: researchers committed to the value of pursuing science at the interface between disciplines, strongly-focused science topics that provide a common theme around which disciplines are able to interact, means of educating researchers about the key scientific issues in other disciplines and the connections between disciplines, access to scientific publications in other discipline areas, new forms of scholarly publishing, and the structure needed to bring researchers into contact with data sets, models, and each other, across disciplines and national boundaries.

 Peter Fox and Janet Kozyra


国内メンバー: <<PDFファイル形式>>
 高橋幸弘(北海道大学)、寺田直樹(東北大学)、村田健史(情報通信研究機構)、田中良昌(極地研究所)、岡田雅樹(極地研究所)、田口 聡(電気通信大学)、片岡龍峰(東京工業大学)、平原聖文(名古屋大学)、下条圭美(国立天文台)、堀 智昭(名古屋大学)、三好由純(名古屋大学)、大塚雄一(名古屋大学)、笠原禎也(金沢大学)、林 寛夫(京都大学)、能勢正仁(京都大学)、上野 悟(京都大学)、河野英昭(九州大学)

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