CAWSES-II in Japan

Capacity building

Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System -II (CAWSES-II)

CAWSES-II will continue and expand the capacity building and educational efforts developed in CAWSES. In collaboration with the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory of Nagoya University in Japan, a series of educational comic books was developed to communicate solar-terrestrial science to the general public in many languages. New comics that address CAWSES-II science topics will be developed. CAWSES-II will continue to organize and cosponsor international science meetings and workshops. Particular emphasis will be placed on the support of scientists from developing nations as well as graduate students and young scientists. CAWSES-II will work with scientists in the developing nations to provide access to data and research tools, and will develop an international network of graduate students and early-career scientists.

International Co-leaders:
Robert Vincent, Brigitte Schmieder, and Gang Lu

Domestic Co-leaders:
Kiyohumi Yumoto (Kyushu Univ.) and Satoru UeNo (Kyoto Univ.)

Domestic Members:
Kazuo Makita (Takushoku Univ.), Kazuoki Munakata (Shinshu Univ.), Akira Mizuno (Nagoya Univ.), Toshitaka Tsuda (Kyoto Univ.)