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Science Program Committee
(Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.)
Objectives and Overview
This International CAWSES Symposium hosted by SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics) will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the scientific accomplishments of CAWSES and look forward to SCOSTEP's future programs at a moment toward the end of its initial five-year period. The symposium will cover the four major themes of CAWSES, 1) Solar Influence on Climate, 2) Space Weather: Science and Applications, 3) Atmospheric Coupling Processes, and 4) Space Climatology. Since treating the entire solar-terrestrial domain as one system rather than treating each region independently is the most important concept of CAWSES, the symposium offers tutorial lectures/keynotes that will be interesting for all participants every morning and more specific sessions of presentations in the afternoon. We welcome all those who are involved and/or interested in CAWSES to Kyoto in the autumn when we will have the pleasure of being surrounded by the great historical and modern sites of Kyoto in the Japanese atmosphere with the beautiful yellow leaves of the season.
Toshitaka Tsuda,
Ryoichi Fujii,
Kazunari Shibata,
and Marvin A. Geller
CAWSES = Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A five-year (2004 - 2008) program to foster a scientific approach to understanding the short term (Space Weather) and long term (Space Climate) variability of the integrated solar-terrestrial environment, and for its societal applications, sponsored by SCOSTEP