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Computer Network System

The Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (STEL) has a computer system called "Computer System for Solar-Terrestrial Environmental Research," composed of UNIX workstations, a supercomputer system, and large-capacity storage facilities. These computers are closely connected to each other via the STEL network and the Nagoya university Integrated Communication Environment (NICE). The computers are also connected to domestic and foreign institutions via the Science Information NETwork (SINET). The computer system, and local, domestic, and international networks are used for on-line data acquisition, on-line data processing, graphical analysis, scientific calculations, modeling, and simulations. The network is also used for E-mail, data exchanges, FTP services, exchanges of research information via the WWW bulletin boards, and other purposes.

Configuration of Computer System for Solar-Terrestrial Environmental Research:
- Network Server
- Database Server
- Division Workstations
- Observatory Workstations
- File Server
  Storage : Newtech Supremacy II 348TB (32TB x 12)
- Supercomputer
  Computer System : DELL PowerEdge R815 20TFlops (Operon 6174 (12cores) x 4CPUs x 48nodes)
  Disk Array System : DELL MD1200 288TB (24TB x 12)

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