Abstract Submission
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Day Care
Science Organizing Committee
Local Organizing Committee
Preliminary Symposium Schedule
Nov.9 (Sun) evening: Ice breaker
Nov.10 (Mon), Nov.11(Tue), Nov.13 (Thu) morning:
        tutorial lectures by S.-I. Akasofu, V. Angelopoulos, and D. N. Baker
Nov.10 (Mon) - Nov.14 (Fri): individual sessions
Nov.12 (Wed) afternoon: excursion
Nov.12 (Wed) evening: banquet
ICS-12 Poster Guidelines

Abstracts are required for all posters, and should be submitted via the on-line registration site.

Two poster sessions will be held in the evening on Nov. 10th (Mon) and 13th (Thu) (detailed schedule will be updated on the schedule page. To locate your assigned poster board on the day of your presentation, please look for the board marked with your paper number. All posters at the first window should be up after Monday noon, and taken off from the poster board by each presenter by Wednesday noon. Posters at the second window should be up by Thursday noon, and taken off by each presenter by Friday noon.

Each poster will have 0.9 m (W) x 1.8 m (H) of space. Push pins will be provided by LOC. The title should be legible from at least 3 m distance. Please note that LOC will not provide any services for printing and receiving your poster.